Vermont Farmstead Hemp


Vermont Farmstead Hemp is an organic hemp farm in Reading, Vermont whose mission is to organically cultivate Vermont’s most CBD and terpene rich, artisanal hemp flower for the creation of the highest quality, full-spectrum, medicinal herb products.

I created a logo and branding system inspired by traditional agricultural and artisan packaging. I used hand lettering to create the logo and selected a modern font to root the brand in the present.


  • Branding
  • Logo Design


Since the logo is influenced by late nineteenth century agricultural design, I chose a modern font which was inspired by sans-serifs from the same era. Work Sans is a free, open-source typeface designed by Australian type designer Wei Huang. It was commissioned by Google Fonts and released in 2015.


The primary brand color is a fresh natural green, naturally. I chose a light earthy tan as an accent color. A soft black and white are used for brand neutrals.