JUEL Modern Apothecary


JUEL = Julie + Elena: two women with a passion for whole foods and healthy living. They founded their business to share their values with the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. JUEL began in 2017 with the Shasta, a traveling smoothie and juice truck. In 2018 JUEL Modern Apothecary opened its doors in the heart of White River Junction offering a full cafe menu along with a curated selection of sundry from brands they believe in.

After an initial Shopify site build back in 2019, I re-built JUEL's website using more modern and performant technologies to allow them to adapt to a changing retail climate fast and offer their menu along with retail items online.



  • Headless Shopify Website
  • Responsive Web Design
  • UX + UI

This website is a Headless Shopify site built using the JAM stack. Basically, it's a Shopify website built and hosted completely outside of Shopify and therefore is much faster and way more customizable. Under the hood it's a static site hosted on Netlify built using Gatsby JS which pulls in data from Prismic as a CMS and Shopify APIs to supply product data, order creation, and checkout. It's completely customized for JUEL's business needs, including scheduling order pickup curbside, optional product add-ons for smoothies and one-click add to cart.


I illustrated most of JUEL's products for their menu page to bring some bold colors along with a minimalist aesthetic.


I created some icons to illustrate JUEL’s values using existing company styles as a guide and expanding their visual vocabulary.