Beaver Meadow Community


The Beaver Meadow Community encompasses West Norwich and borders the towns of Sharon and Hartford Vermont. Happily, I'm a resident. When I got involved with our local Community Resilience Organization (CRO) initiative, I volunteered to create a website to serve as a digital hub for communication, organization, and to preserve our local history.

The website includes history of our local landmark, an events calendar, a digital bulletin board, a blog, along with important communications regarding community resilience.


  • Static Website with Headless CMS
  • Responsive Web Design
  • UX + UI

I built the Beaver Meadow Community website using the static site generator Gatsby to create a wicked fast and optimized web experience. I chose Prismic for the CMS which allows designated non-technical members of the community to update all the photos and text content. The site is hosted with and uses Netlify as a continuous deployment tool.

Community Calendar

The Beaver Meadow community is a social one, so including a community calendar was a crucial element to the website. In the past, events were emailed over a listserv as they came up, but including a standing calendar makes getting a picture about what's happening much easier.

The responsive calendar uses Prismic as its data source so non-technical web moderators can update the calendar as they please.

Bulletin Board

I created a Bulletin Board using to allow real-time community interaction. Community members can add posts, respond, upvote, etc directly from the site.


I created this digital illustration for the home page of the site. The illustration is roughly a map of the heart of the community: Beaver Meadow Road, Chapel Hill, the Schoolhouse, the Chapel, the cemetery and Mitchell Brook.