Chrysler Dress

For Haloween 2015, I wanted to dress up as my favorite building, the elegant and sparkley Chrysler Building. I designed and crafted this flapper-style dress and headpiece from scratch.

Both the dress and the headpiece have hand-soldered LED lights controlled by an Adafruit GEMMA Miniature wearable electronic platform powered by a 6V battery. The headpiece has Flora RGB Smart NeoPixel LED lights which are programmed using the Arduino IDE to cycle through each of their colors. The dress has Adafruit LED Sequins connected to an Electret Microphone Amplifier to get brigher with increasing sound input.

For additional sparkles, I hand-beaded along the sleeves and neckline and along the shape of the Chrysler Building. Then I adhered Swarovski crystals evenly throughout the dress.

All photos Spencer Wells.

Chrysler Dress Portrait
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