The Wild River Wilderness

Backpacking with Anne


In early October during pandemic times, my friend Anne invited me to go backpacking with her several weeks later. Though I consider myself a competent backpacker and experienced hiker, I don't think I've camped a day past October 1st (other than perhaps a few feet from my car).

Anne and I hadn't spent much time together since Covid started, and even less since she became a mom just before that so I jumped at the chance to spend some quality time with her. I was so excited for this trip that I spent the days leading up to it designing and sewing myself a new and improved backpack (with a frame!). Nothing like a deadline to motivate me.

We both got tested ahead of time and decided to carpool with the windows down and masks up. On the way back my low tire pressure light came on and I felt happy to have Anne in the car with some expertise about how to handle such situations.


Wild River Wilderness (White Mountains, NH)


27 miles

Elevation Gain/Loss

7,696 ft


2 days, 1 night

Partners in Crime


Day 1

Nineteen Mile Brook to Spruce Brook Shelter

Carter Dome Trail

Anne hiking through the mist atop Mount Hight

Anne at the view-less summit of Mount Hight

Checking the map


October 24, 2020


Nineteen Mile Brook to Spruce Brook Shelter


11.6 miles, 3,533 ft elevation gain


Start 10:17am, 6:22hrs total

Day 2

Along the Wild River and Back to Civilization

Breakfast of champs: oatmeal and Abracadabra instant coffee.

A first taste of winter near the summit of North Carter

Summit snacks


October 25, 2020


Spruce Brook Shelter, Moriah Brook Trail, Imp Trail


15.5 miles, 4,163 ft elevation gain


Start 7:35am, 8ish hours total (watch died)