Goldenrod Dye

Extra bright yellow from the meadow

Natural Dye

Dyeing with goldenrod turned my linen fabric an unbelievable shade of yellow — almost fluorescent. I thought that most of the color would come out in the wash given its vibrancy but after a two-week cure, it's still super bold. I'm currently making a tank top out of it and look forward to putting the remnants into quilts.


Roughly 5 gallons of goldenrod flowers harvested just under the blooming flower from our meadow Sept 7, 2020


Scoured with Soda Ash (15g) + Synthrapol (2 tsp)


Ground Gallnut at 8% WOF


Aluminum Acetate at 10% WOF

Calcium Carbonate — vat of 5g in 50L water (reused)


Five gallons of goldenrod flowers in the dye pot

Immediate color change on initial dip

Goldenrod natural dyed linen (first dip) drying on the line

Goldenrod naturally dyed linen rinsing in the brook

Goldenrod natural dyed linen

Second dip goldenrod natural dye

Naturally dyed linen fabric drying after two week cure and machine wash. From the left: madder (third dip), madder (second dip), goldenrod (first dip), goldenrod (second dip).