Straight up, straight down


After our hike up Kearsarge, we still had some energy left for what we thought would be a pretty easy short loop up to North and South Doublehead. What I failed to look at was the grade of the trail. In classic New England fashion, both of the trails we took (Old Path and New Path) were extremely steep. I can always tell when a trail is challenging by how soon I get to counting my steps. I'll count up to 300 and then start over to keep myself putting one foot in front of the other.

At the summit of North Doublehead, there's a cabin that looks like a great place for a quick camping trip. I read on the sign at the trailhead it costs $40 to rent. We didn't stay at summit long because the mosquitos found us along with the drizzle.

Luckily, South Doublehead was a much less steep ascent from the col which gave our legs short respite before a taxing descent down New Path. In the end, our two smaller hikes totalled a solid day in the White Mountains by any standard.


North Doublehead (3,053'), South Doublehead (2,939')


Old Path, New Path


4.5 miles, 1,795' elevation gain

Total Moving Time



Very humid, wet, hot, and partly cloudy

Partners in Crime

Cody + Rye



At the trail junction up Doublehead

Cabin at the top of North Doublehead

Rye bounding up the trail to tell us about the view

View from South Doublehead

Another shot of the view from South Doublehead

Summit sits

Not bad for a rainy day