Winter West Pemi with my Sidekick

Big day for Rye and I


With Cody out of town, I decided to head up to the Whites and spend the night at The Notch Hostel to get a full day in the mountains with my trusty furry sidekick, Rye. The AMC group staying in the bunkhouse with me thought I was crazy heading out to do a strenuous hike in the winter "alone", but I was prepared and experienced with hiking this route (except for the long flat part back to the car). I was a little nervous though, having never hiked this far in the winter without Cody.

We headed out early for our long day and to take advantage of being so close to the mountains. I triple checked the car key was in my pack and that I didn't leave a light on.

It was an epic day out there with Rye on the ridge. Back on level ground, I had a hard time following the Pemi Trail, but eventually found my way after doubling back and taking the bike path. This route had the added bonus of going by The Basin, a landmark I've passed many times but have never actually checked out.


Mount Lafayette (5,260′), Mount Lincoln (5,089'), Mount Liberty (4,459'), Mount Flume (4,328')


Lafayette Place


Old Bridle Path, Greenleaf, Franconia Ridge, Liberty Spring, Pemi Trail


16.69 miles, 5,925ft elevation gain


6:04 Moving / 7:57 Elapsed

Partners in Crime




Rye taking in the view on Old Bridle Path

Icy trail

View of Franconia Ridge

Greenleaf Hut

Heading up to Lafayette

Lafayette Summit

Beautiful winter Franconia Ridge

Franconia Ridge

Rye on Franconia Ridge

Rye on Franconia Ridge

Rye on Franconia Ridge

Mount Flume

The Basin