Bagging peaks with a long lost hiking companion, Part 2


Bagging peaks with a long lost hiking companion, Part 1

Willey, Field, Tom and North Fork Loop

Perfect mini backpacking trip


Fire towers and flowers


Straight up, straight down

Moat Mountain Attempt

Thundered off the slippery slabs

Tom, Field, and Willey

"Try not to cry; it's cold out"

Camel's Hump

views and smiles forever


Turned away from the ridge once again

Mt Isolation

From fall to winter and back again

Vermont 50

Friends that train together stay together

Teton Crest in a Day

An epic introduction to the Grand Tetons

Moonlit Presidential Traverse Attempt

We should have taken the mines

Japan Trip: Mt. Nantai

Hiking with the monkeys through the shrines

Mount Washington Road Race

And a lovely hike down

Moosilauke on my Birthday

Great way to turn 28

Superbloom Hike

Peeping the flowers outside San Diego

Kinsmen + Cannon Balls

Chewed up and spat out by the forest

Liberty + Flume

Ever upwards on the luge

Ladies' Weekend Mount Jackson

A frigid late start bluebird quickie


Showing the best of winter Whites to new pals


So much vert, so little time

Mount Cube

Just a short one to get back in the mountains

Madison & Adams

When you shoot for the moon...

Jackson & Pierce

...and a turnaround before Eisenhower

Twins, Zealand, Hale Loop + Galehead

Overdoing it for the the foliage peeps

Vermont 50 (km)

Undertrained, but still so much fun.

Washington + Monroe

Throwing my little brother in off the deep end

Reverse Carters Traverse

Going against the flow of AT Hikers and finishing with a coffee cake

Moose on Moosilauke

A solo hike with some chance encounters

Colorado: Capitol Creek Circuit

The last bastion of Colorado Wilderness, Amigo

Bluebird day in the Bonds

The lesser-known of two ridges.

Covered Bridges Half Marathon

Sometimes it's just not a good day for racing

Memorial Day on Franconia Ridge

Just the basic loop

Kinsmans in the Rain

Green, rocky, and water everywhere.

Ice Age Trail 50 Mile

A homecoming, my first belt buckle, and my longest run yet

Jackson, Pierce, Eisenhower

A brilliant day with low expectations

Zero to Fifty

How my running journey began

Tripyramid Double Up

Lost dog rescue mission, and we still made it to the summits

“Spring” on Moosilauke

It's still winter in the Whites

Runamuck 50k

A mucky (and snowy) one indeed

Osceola + East Osceola

First hike of spring.

Lafayette Whiteout

A contrast-less and harsh white world

Mexico Hiking Adventure

A photo essay of our trip

Frigus Snowshoe “15k”

My first first place finish

Foiled by Webster... Again

Breaking trail and icy cliffs.

Tom, Field & Willey

My go-to hike for less-than-ideal weather

Cannon & the Kinsmen

Day one of funemployment

Killington + Pico

Should have brought the snowshoes...

Hiking to Glen Boulder

Some days aren't meant to be spent above tree line

Moosilauke with Surprise Pals

Take two saved the day

Pico de Orizaba

When we were the tallest folks in North America for a few minutes.

Winter West Pemi with my Sidekick

Big day for Rye and I

Vermont 50k

My first ultramarathon