Front-end web developer & wool enthusiast at Ibex


Stride - Full-stack web developer & consultant with clients like Plated, Spring, and Saks

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Javascript, React, Redux, Karma, Jasmine, Babel, Webpack, es6, jQuery, lodash, Ruby, Rails, RSpec, Capybara, Sinatra, Go, Backbone, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Git


Run to Food

Enter where you're starting from, how far you want to run, and the kind of food you'd like at the end, and Run to Food will generate a running route. Created to be versatile with separate service and client applications (Cross Origin Resource Sharing).

Technologies- Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Backbone.js

APIs- Google Maps, Yelp

Github- Client | Service

Tweet Sentiment Analyzer

Search for any word or hashtag and get back a sentiment score to learn how folks feel about a subject based on the latest Tweets.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, jQuery, Sass

APIs- Twitter



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