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Twins, Zealand, Hale Loop + Galehead

Overdoing it for the the foliage peeps

October 06, 2018

When our weekend commitments suddenly got cancelled at 10pm on Friday night, we both over-enthusiastically jumped for this epic day in the northern Pemigawasset. We considered the holiday weekend during peak leaf peeping, and this loop fit the bill: a long day through what promised to be some colorful trees, off the beaten path and chose to ignore the fact that we were still recovering from a 50k and Cody was sick. So we packed our headlamps, acknowledging there was no way for us to finish before sun down, and went off for a full day in the mountains. North...

Yellow forest on the trail up to Mount Hale
Yellow forest on the trail up to Mount Hale

Vermont 50 (km)

Undertrained, but still so much fun.

September 30, 2018

Objectively, the weather was excellent for running through the New England autumn all day, but when you compare it to last year’s Vermont 50 (see post), it was just heavenly. However, I was still nervous going into this race because I started ignoring my training schedule up on the fridge midway into a hectic summer. I originally signed up for the 50 miler, but dropped down to the 50k, hoping I could just “wing it” with that distance, riding on the past year of properly-trained races. I was burned out after doing one ultra after the other since my first...

Cody and I with our medals
Cody and I with our medals

Washington + Monroe

Throwing my little brother in off the deep end

September 01, 2018

What to do when your little brother visits New England for the first time? Bringing him up the tallest of the 4000 footers, but not before summiting a couple other very tall peaks? Why not. I will preface this post by saying that while my brother, Hunter and I did some very occasional big hikes growing up, he is by no means a regular hiker, and yet he was a CHAMP, crushing these 14 rocky challenging miles. Props to the little bro. Since it was Labor Day weekend, we knew all the popular peaks would be crowded, so we decided...

Looking out toward the Southern Presidentials from Monroe
Looking out toward the Southern Presidentials from Monroe

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