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Kinsmans in the Rain

Green, rocky, and water everywhere.

May 20, 2018

The forecast called for gusty wind and rain all day, but we decided to go out anyways because it was Cody’s birthday, Doug was in town, and we had gotten the best of the forecast in the past. The hike up to Lonesome Lake was crowded, as usual, with many groups heading down after a stay at the hut. The trail here is totally free of snow and ice and smelled wonderfully like summer, especially through Lafayette campground with folks keeping warm and dry around their campfires. The trail around the lake to the hut had some awkward steps as...

Crossing the trail waterfall
Crossing the trail waterfall

Ice Age Trail 50 Mile

A homecoming, my first belt buckle, and my longest run yet

May 12, 2018

This, my first 50 mile ultramarathon, was also a homecoming for me. On our journey to La Grange in southeast Wisconsin, we spent a night with my husband Cody’s parents, stopped by his grandma’s for a pot of coffee, met my mom in Madison for dinner, and now we were meeting my dad and uncle Dave at the starting line. Later in the day my mom, step-mom, aunt, step-sister and her fiancee would join in my crew. I felt very supported. The forecast looked grim – nonstop rain with the addition of thunderstorms all day. Luckily, we were spared by...

Crossing the finish line of my first 50 miles
Crossing the finish line of my first 50 miles

My 50 mile Packing List

Thoughts and packing for the Ice Age Trail 50 mile Ultramarathon

May 10, 2018

Ice Age 50 Ultramarathon Packing List Tonight kicks off an epic long weekend for me (and my awesome supportive husband, Cody) as we embark on a journey by bus, plane, car, foot and then do it all again in reverse. I’m running the Ice Age Trail 50 mile race in south eastern Wisconsin and so being from Wisconsin originally, this is my chance to come back to my home state and challenge myself while my whole family cheers from the aid stations. In the next 72ish hours we’ll be traveling for over 20 of them and I’ll be running for...

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