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Colorado: Capitol Creek Circuit

The last bastion of Colorado Wilderness, Amigo

July 04, 2018

Where White River Wilderness, Colorado Distance 49 miles**including Snowmass and Haystack Mountains, 40ish otherwise Elevation Gain/Loss 13,600ft with above peaks Duration 5 days, 4 nights Partners in Crime Cody and Doug Daily Reports Day OneDay Two (coming soon)Day Three (coming soon)Day Four (coming soon)Day Five (coming soon) Back to posts My first visit to Colorado was epic. In the words of mountain man Rob (more on him later), I'm a “spoiled brat”, and I agree. I found myself in the midst of the “last bastion of Colorado wilderness” doing what's known as the Capitol Creek Circuit. To be honest, I...

Alpenglow on Capitol Peak
Alpenglow on Capitol Peak

Bluebird day in the Bonds

The lesser-known of two ridges.

June 10, 2018

What an awesome day. Beautiful trails, beautiful weather, views for miles and the trail (mostly) to ourselves. At 20 miles, this out-and-back is a long hike for a casual day hiker. However, it’s pretty doable if you keep a steady pace since the first and last 2.8 miles on Zealand trail are very flat and easy. The rest, however, is more typical of the Whites. The hike starts at the end of Zealand Rd, one mile past the trailhead for Hale Brook Trail. As mentioned, Zealand trail is super easy, but it’s not boring. At first you’re hiking through a...


Covered Bridges Half Marathon

Sometimes, its just not a good day for racing.

June 03, 2018

The Covered Bridges Half Marathon (CBHM) is a famous race around here. It attracts many folks from the area and from New York and Boston for its scenic route past idyllic Vermontyness, and for its approachability as a “flat” (or even “downhill”) profile. Lately, I’ve been more interested in the less approachable stuff – the ultramarathons on single track trails up and down mountains – but I decided to get online to sign up for CBHM at just the right moment many months ago to check out the hype. Plus, I (mistakenly) figured that I’d be automatically in shape for...

Running to the finish
Running to the finish

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